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Momentum Performing Arts
- Terms and Conditions


This agreement sets out the terms and conditions that will govern the relationship between us, Momentum Performing Arts Ltd and you, the Parent/Guardian. It is a legally binding agreement. These conditions are important to maintain standards and to ensure that all members gain the maximum benefit from their membership.

  • Any free trial (taster session) is strictly at the approval of the Academy Principal, subject to availability and does not guarantee a place at Momentum Performing Arts. 

  • Fees are payable on the first day of each calendar month. Sibling discount is 25% 

  • Class timetables and teachers are subject to change from time to time without notice.

  • We reserve the right to revert to online sessions for any enforced closure outside of our control. This includes, but not limited to, national and localised shutdown due to weather, pandemic, venue availability and lockdown. Where an Academy is running physical face to face sessions, or a combination of physical face to face sessions and online sessions, the standard monthly fee applies and is payable via bank transfer 

  • In order to avoid disturbing classes, you and your child are requested to sign in 10 minutes before classes commence. Entrance to classes may be barred to anyone arriving more than 15 minutes late, without prior consent from the Principal. 

  • A teacher may, at any time, ask your child to leave a class if they are jeopardising the safety or enjoyment of others or their educational experience.

  • The minimum membership period is 2 months. You must pay the monthly membership subscription by Bank Transfer for the minimum membership period unless your membership is terminated without liability, suspended or transferred in accordance with these terms. Momentum Performing Arts reserves the right to change the day, time and location of the sessions. Should this be restrictive to attendance the minimum notice period will be waived.

  • You may terminate this agreement at any time without liability if the tuition the child is offered falls below, on more than one occasion, the standards reasonably expected to be provided.

  • In the event that your child is unable to attend a scheduled session, due to sickness (subject to the clause below), holiday, government restrictions or a decision by the Parent or Student not to attend, Momentum Performing Arts is unable to offer any refund of fees paid, or make up the missed session.

  • We will suspend membership during the minimum membership period in the event that the child is unable to attend Momentum Performing Arts for more than one month due to their injury or illness. In the unfortunate event that it is medically no longer possible for the child to attend Momentum Performing Arts we will cancel the minimum membership period without any further obligation to you. We may require suitable medical evidence in the form of a GP or hospital letter setting out the medical reasons.

  • In the event that you do not make the membership fee payments when due, the right to send the child to attend Momentum Performing Arts will be withdrawn until payment is received and brought up to date. Interest is payable (whether before or after judgement) on any sums not paid when due at the rate of 4% p.a. above the base lending rate of RBS Bank calculated daily. If your account falls into arrears on more than three occasions during any one calendar year we reserve the right to terminate your membership with immediate effect.

  • At the end of the minimum membership period, your membership will automatically continue unless either party cancels by giving the other at least one month's notice.

  • We may terminate your membership and discontinue the child's entitlement to attend Momentum Performing Arts in the event of serious or repeated breach of these Membership rules.

  • Payment is due on the first of each month. Invoices will be issued in the final week of each month. Payment must be made by bank transfer. If payment of membership fees or tuition fees is not made in full for any reason we reserve the right to suspend your membership and to exclude your child from Momentum Performing Arts

  • This agreement may be terminated if either party is in serious breach of its obligations to the other.

  • We reserve the right to use any individual or group photographs or movie shots of your child for press or promotional purposes.

  • Film and Television is one of the core modules at Momentum Performing Arts. Students make short films in teams, fulfilling roles as part of the film crew or acting in front of the camera. Films are shared by Momentum Performing Arts online on our official channels, screened at local cinemas and sometimes even entered into film festivals. By registering with Momentum Performing Arts, you are agreeing to these terms of membership.

  • Bullying, harassment, abuse or other inappropriate behaviour by you, your child or guests is strictly forbidden and will result in expulsion and such other legal remedies as may be available.

  • To the extent permitted by law, our liability to you, save in respect of death or personal injury caused by our negligence shall be limited to the total amount you have paid for your membership.

  • You and your child must treat all Momentum Performing Arts members, children, staff and teachers with respect and consideration. Momentum Performing Arts does not tolerate rude, offensive or aggressive remarks and behaviour in any way. You must make yourself and your child aware of the health and safety rules of the venue and comply with the recommendations at all times.

  • Smoking and the bringing or consumption of alcohol and the use or being under the influence of illegal substances is not permitted anywhere in any facilities operated by Momentum Performing Arts.

  • If you have a complaint or concern please contact the Academy Principal privately and we will do our best to resolve the matter.

  • We reserve the right to make changes to these rules.

  • A four week notice period is required for termination of membership and can only be given in writing to Momentum Performing Arts, 26 Wedale View, Stow, Galashiels TD1 2SJ or via email to  The time of receipt (not sending) shall be the time of commencement of the notice period.

  • This agreement is governed by the laws of Scotland.

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